Things to do in US

Best Lakes Tourist must visit in US

1-Crater Lake Famous for its deep blue water, Crater Lake is situated in Central-south Oregon in western United States. Its world’s 9th lake with most depth and 3rd with average depth. The lake fills around 2148 feet (655 m) that […]

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Dinner In the Sky-Dubai UAE

Did you ever think about a dinner in the sky? Yes, dream has come true as Dubai Marine Club is offering dinner at 50 meters above the ground suspended in the sky but please never complain about the ambiance as […]

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most popular health apps for android

10 Best Android Apps for Health

Keeping track of your progress with a health app on your android phone can go a long way in your quest to stay healthy. Finding the right health apps that can help to track and improve your general well-being can […]

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