Best Lakes Tourist must visit in US

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1-Crater Lake

Famous for its deep blue water, Crater Lake is situated in Central-south Oregon in western United States. Its world’s 9th lake with most depth and 3rd with average depth. The lake fills around 2148 feet (655 m) that was formed by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama around 7700 years ago. No rivers are flowing into or out of the lake. The total water is replaced by the rain and snowfall after every 250 years. Crater lake is also famous for Old Man of the lake that is a full sized tree which is now a log that has been bobbing vertically in the lake for over a century.

There are two small islands of Crater Lake. One is Wizard Island that is located near western shore of the lake and other is Phantom Ship located near southern shore of the lake.

best lakes in us

2-Lake Tahoe

Lying at 6225 ft, Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake in Sierra Nevada of the US. Being the largest alpine lake in North America, it is straddled between California and Nevada in west of Carson City. Its depth is 1645 ft that ranks it as second deepest lake in US after Crater Lake in Oregon. Famous for its clear water, Lake Tahoe was formed around two millions years ago as part of the Lake Tahoe Basin with the modern extent being shaped during the ice ages. The lake has panorama of mountains on its all surrounding.

Lake Tahoe is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in both Nevada and California. Tourist attractions include winter sports, summer outdoor recreation, and scenic views of mountains in surroundings of the lake, snow and ski resorts.


3-Lake George US

Nicknamed as Queen of American Lakes, Lake George is located at southeast base of the Adirondack Mountains in northeastern portion of the US state of New York. To enjoy scenic views of deep blue water approx. 50K tourist visit the lake in summer. Visitors can enjoy a variety of water-based activities ranging from water-skiing, jet skiing, rafting and kayaking. Lake George RV Park is located only few minutes away from the Lake Gorge where tourist can enjoy a plenty of on-site attractions.

Things to do in US

4-Lake Chelan

Being the 3rd deepest lake in America, Lake Chelan offers its visitors 50.5 miles of stunning natural beauty with its depth of 1486 ft in the deepest part of the Wapato and Lucerne Basins which were formed by glaciers during ice Ages. Lake Chelan is gateway to the North Cascades National Park. It is also largest natural lake in state of Washington. Visitors can enjoy water based activities, beautiful vineyards, boating, cruising, scenic views in surrounding of the lake and small towns.

must visit in US

5-Lake Erie

Located in North America, Lake Erie is 4th largest lake by surface of five best lakes and 11th largest globally. Lake northern shore is Canadian province of Ontario as the lake is situated on international boundary between Canada and US. Tourist attractions includes shipwrecks diving, biking, fishing, public parks, towns and water sports. Summer rentals and ferry boats are also available to enjoy the visit to Lake Erie and make it more memorable.

tourist attractions in lake erie

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