Dreamworld AR launches affordable set of AR Glasses

Featuring 200-inch, high-resolution screen a few meters in front of users eyes,these neat AR Glasses can be connected to all your mobile devices, laptops, PCs, games consoles for private and immersive viewing.

VR Glasses

Just weighing 5 oz (142 g), the DreamGlass Air setup features 90-degree field of view, 5-hour battery and 600-pixels-per-inch resolution with total resolution of 2.5K and refresh rate of 60 Hz. It can be connected wirelessly to devices like Apple and Android phones, PCs and laptops mirroring user screen for relaxed viewing and adding extra virtual screen.


There’s also availability of wired connection where user need zero latency like for Playstation or Xbox. Onboard battery charge during watch features if you plug them in your phone in a wired setup.


DreamGlass features tracking of user head movements in three degrees of freedom. In other words you can pin things in mid-air while turning your head away from your virtual screen as required.