Elevate Tiny House- Just a Single Push Transforms the Interior

The Elevate, a tiny house by Acorn Tiny Homes in Canada, offers a clever solution to the challenge of limited space. Measuring 24 ft (7.3 m) in length and built on a double-axle trailer, it features an elevating bed that transforms a light-filled study area into a bedroom.

The interior is designed with Ikea cabinetry and closets, chosen for their cost-effectiveness. The highlight of the tiny house is the open and bright study space, complete with a desk and chair. At bedtime, with the push of a button, a double bed descends slowly from the ceiling using a pulley system and electric winch motor mounted on the exterior. To ensure privacy, curtains are attached to the pulley system and move along with the bed.

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Adjacent to the study area/bedroom is the kitchen, equipped with a fridge/freezer, electric stovetop, microwave, sink, and cabinetry, along with a spacious mirrored storage unit. The bathroom, accessible through a sliding door, occupies a significant portion of the available space, accounting for 30% of the floor area. It features a skylight-topped shower, a sink, and a toilet.

The concept for the Elevate emerged when the current occupant’s plans to attend law school abroad were disrupted by COVID-19 travel restrictions. Opting for online studies necessitated a secure and private space at home. While living with parents was an option, it was not ideal. Consequently, the parents decided to finance the construction of the tiny house. Once it is no longer needed, they plan to utilize it as a rental property.

The starting price for a similar Elevate model is CAD120,000 (approximately US$89,000).



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