Enjoy Outdoor Adventure with Space-Saving and Flexible Sea to Summit Ikos Tent

Sea to Summit first entered the tent market two years ago with the revolutionary, space-saving Telos and Alto Tension Ridge hiking tents. It has recently expanded its inventory to include three-season variants and a more frame-friendly Telos bikepacking tent. With the Ikos, the Tension Ridge family expands once more. The Ikos TR, which comes in two and three-person configurations, has a durable, capacious construction and a versatile design that can be set as a full tent or an open-air daytime “hangout.”

The floor spaces of the Ikos are slightly larger than those of the Telos series, and are meant to hold two (or three) standard rectangular sleeping mats side by side. The Ikos TR2 floor has 31.2 sq ft (2.9 sq m) of space, whereas the Ikos 3 has 49.2 sq ft (4.6 sq m).

The TR line’s many set-up options have always distinguished it from other trekking tents. The “Hangout” mode, in particular, stands out, allowing owners to create a day-use sun shelter, making the Ikos just as useful for a day at the beach or music festival as it is for a weeklong hiking trip.



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