Fifish V-EVO Underwater Drone Takes Technology to the Next Level

Qysea’s Fifish V-EVO is one of the latest and most well-equipped miniature remote-control submersibles on the market. This underwater drone, like others, is connected to its operator on the surface via a communications tether, enabling the user to control it using a handheld controller and real-time video transmitted to their smartphone app.

The V-EVO comes with a 100-meter-long tether, providing access to its maximum dive depth of 328 feet, and features a 166-degree wide-angle lens camera capable of recording at a maximum resolution of 4K/60fps.

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Additionally, the camera is equipped with two 5,000-lumen 5,500K LED spotlights for improved visibility in dark waters, while AI-based image enhancement software filters out suspended particles for clearer footage. The drone also comes with a 64GB onboard memory card for storing recorded footage.



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