French firm Baluchon unveiled tiny house La Boheme

life in tiny house

Keeping in view the French law which requires that tiny house must be very small and light compared to the counterparts over in North America, the French firm Baluchon has designed this smart tiny home named as La Boheme tiny house.

This beautiful tiny house is based on double axel trailer and measures 6 m long. Its green roof is looking very rustic and generous glazing are awesome, though the loft window over the door is looking awkward.

Inside the tiny home, the area is relatively open and roomy. There is sofa bed in lounge area facing the window to sleep an extra couple of guest. A dining table with four seats is available and bookcase is also available.

Adjacent kitchen includes propane-powered stove, fridge and sink plus area for storage. A small door reveals bathroom and toilet with shower. Then a removable ladder will lead you to the sole loft bed that looks like snug. The tiny house gets its electricity from a standard-RV style hookup and has LED lights throughout.

La Bohème is installed on the owner’s land in the beautiful Vendée region of France and serves as his full-time home, year-round. It cost roughly €60,000 (US$70,500).


life in tiny house

smart tiny house


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