GoCamp ebike micro-camper is the Greenest Solar RV

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a number of bicycle and ebike camping trailers emerge, but more integrated bike campers are still uncommon (but awesome). Flevobike, a Dutch recumbent and velomobile inventor, contributes to the shortage with one of the most inventive tiny pedal-powered RVs we’ve seen. Its GoCamp module connects to its GoLo e-assisted freight quadricycle in the same way that a pickup camper does to a vehicle. The compact electric RV then pedals along with an expanded hard-roofed interior with convertible lounge/bed, indoor/outdoor eating area and workstation, and a solar-charged battery that powers both the camper and the electric propulsion.

GoLo Bike is Flevobike’s specialised cargo bike (quadricycle) brand, specialising in commercial-grade e-cargo four-wheelers capable of carrying loads of up to 440 lb (200 kg) and 1,400 L, and is stylistically and functionally comparable to the Velove Armadillo. Flevobike has created the GoCamp, a portable camper box that includes everything a cyclist needs to spend a night in the great outdoors between days of biking.

The package that wasn’t quite right GoCamp is intended to function as a modular add-on for the GoLo ecosystem. After removing the GoCamp, the owner might utilise the utility bed or cargo container during the workweek and bike camp on the weekends with the GoLo.




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