Maxon Studio: The Unique Home Office on Railroad Tracks That Rolls for Work

Olson Kundig Architects’ Tom Kundig created a unique home office for a designer that doubles as a train-like studio, which moves on railroad tracks.

The office, called Maxon Studio, is inspired by Japanese high-speed railways and sits on a 15-ft gauge track with custom wheels and an electric motor.

The building weighs 35,000 lbs and has a stabilizing bar to prevent tipping during earthquakes. When not in use, Maxon Studio is parked next to Maxon House, the owner’s main residence, also designed by Olson Kundig.

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The attention to detail is apparent with the use of a vintage control panel from a Burlington Northern locomotive to operate the studio. This train-like office provides a unique separation between work and home life and is situated in a forest near Carnation, Washington.


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