Now Mercedes New Traffic Signs Assistance system warns if you on wrong way

To identify the speed restriction sign, there is camera inside of the windscreen in traffic sign assistance   system currently installed in Mercedes-Benz,s S and E-Class models.  This system transmits the speed info to the navigation system and displays it in the instrument cluster and map view to help the drivers to avoid exceeding speed limits.   This system has been now updated by Mercedes with new features of no-overtaking zones and no-entry signs to keep safe the vehicles from accidently travelling in the wrong directions.


The basic purpose of introducing this system by Mercedes is to prevent the vehicle and drivers from accidents and keep drivers aware of their driving mistakes.  As per an estimate of German federal Department of Transport, there are around 1700 radio warnings about wrong-way drivers-known in German as Geisterfahrer , that translates as “phantom drivers”- are issued annually.  This is a rough estimate as many instances go unreported and the actual figure is much higher.

After identifying the no-entry signs, Mercedes new assistance system warns the driver with three loud beeps and display No Entry sign in the instrument cluster if the vehicle is near to enter a road and head alongside the flow of traffic.  This system also support in no-overtaking signs.  Mercedes new system is also reliable as it compares the data traffic sign data captured through camera with data gathered by navigation system.


As traffic signs differ from country to country, so currently this system has been designed for German roads.  However, Mercedes system is adaptable for other countries.  For your kind information this system is currently installed in Mercedes new S and E-Class modes until it is gradually introduced in other Mercedes models.

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