Order Now Romotow Wild Rotating Camper for $270,000

One of the craziest camper ideas we’ve ever seen is becoming a fact. When the Romotow caravan was first unveiled more than ten years ago, it appeared as though it might be a one-time thing. When it was introduced, it only existed as renderings and seemed utterly irrational. It was made by an architecture and design business. Yet, reports spread before the end of 2018 that the Romotow was truly going into production. It has finally arrived, four more years later. An amenity-loaded mobile that resembles a hybrid between an extendable travel trailer and a compact home with an observatory and covered porch, the production-ready version stays faithful to the original design.

W2 adhered to its original blueprint, keeping the Romotow T8 as wild and stunning as it was on paper in 2012. While many concept RVs and cars get simplified and softened down on their route to market, W2 remained to its original blueprint. On the way to camp, the main cabin of the 30.5-foot (9.3-m) dual-axle caravan nestles within the open deck area before pivoting out to create a two-part space with a sizable covered deck and a four- to six-sleeper main cabin. The cabin is pushed outward and rotated 90 degrees by an automated hydraulic system.

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A sizable dining space with wraparound windows is located in the front cabin’s spherical shape. Due to the dinette’s ability to be either two single beds or one double bed, this beautiful area can also be used as a sleeping area. For two more berths, a lift-away double bed is offered.

The kitchenette is located behind the dining area and has two different design options: a single-counter model with a tall fridge/freezer or a two-counter model with a centre aisle and under-counter fridge/freezer. In contrast to the single-counter design, which places the washbasin and gas stove side by side, the dual-counter design places them on separate counters. The lavatory is at the back of the car and has a sink, toilet, and shower. Also, the vehicle has a lot of storage.


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