Travel is the movement of people from one place to another. It might be on feet, vehicle, by a ride or by airplane. Traveling is an interesting hobby which some people adopt for a good health too. Some people use luggage, bags, and a suitcase with themselves. The word travel […]

1-Crater Lake Famous for its deep blue water, Crater Lake is situated in Central-south Oregon in western United States. Its world’s 9th lake with most depth and 3rd with average depth. The lake fills around 2148 feet (655 m) that was formed by the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama […]

What is Global Warming? Earth the third planet from the Sun, and the only planet having a vast diversity of life forms while other planets are either bitterly cold or extremely hot. The earth has a relatively stable temperature but what is that which is making earth different what exactly […]

Chairman of China private Aerospace Institute Chengdu says that company will launch an artificial moon in the space in 2020.  After this news of artificial moon, there are lot of questions and points, even people making a joke. Company executive says that all technological arrangements have been made to launch […]

Miracle baby girl Lessi Sherrif celebrated her first birthday on 19th Oct. Doctors called the baby girl as miracle girl because her mother gave birth her in 27th month of pregnancy and at that time her weight was just 1.4 Pound. Till the age of just 5 days, she has […]

Did you ever think about a dinner in the sky? Yes, dream has come true as Dubai Marine Club is offering dinner at 50 meters above the ground suspended in the sky but please never complain about the ambiance as there will be blanket of breathtaking fog beneath you, covering […]

Keeping track of your progress with a health app on your android phone can go a long way in your quest to stay healthy. Finding the right health apps that can help to track and improve your general well-being can help you towards your goals. Here are the top 10 […]

Located in north of Jiaozuo City, in the southern foothills of Taihangshan Mountain, the Mount Yuntaishan Global Geopark of China is spread over area of approx. 556 km2. There are lots of tourist attractions that include rifting tectonics, spectacular landscapes formed by hydrodynamic processes with an amazing combination of natural […]

Back in 2015, we’ve already heard about VineRobot, a prototype vineyard monitoring robot. Now its successor has been unveiled in Portugal. It has been developed via EU research consortium. It has been named as VineScout. The common idea behind both robots is that they have been designed to autonomously move […]