Sasquatch off-road Camper Trailer is equally Sly and Powerful

Sasquatch Expedition Campers, another intriguing camping trailer business of the post-pandemic age, made its objectives quite apparent by releasing a pair of the nastiest off-road trailers of 2022. The Highland 60 is the fleet’s flagship; it’s a small, unassuming piece of bare metal that appears to be just a gear carrier but functions more like a teardrop. Campers can enjoy a cosy queen-size bed, a full swing-out kitchen with a triple-burner stove, a refrigerator, and a sink, as well as a warm outdoor shower in the interior chambers.

The Sasquatch Highland 60 was designed to serve as a small, cosy retreat for bold, boundary-pushing adventurers. It was inspired by the rough environment of Silverton. The trailer isn’t particularly small at 16.3 feet (5 m) long and 6.8 feet (2.1 m) high, but something about its flat-roofed rectangular shape and cargo box-lugging flanks makes it look more like a tent-topped cargo trailer like the Beaver Built Wapos and less like a sleep-in squaredrop.

But if you let your gaze travel around the Highland 60’s profile, it will soon come to rest on a side door, indicating that the trailer is actually a live-in “drop camper.” Sasquatch designed the Highland’s width to be particularly comfortable for that purpose; its interior, which measures 60 inches wide (152 cm), has space for a proper queen-width, 75-inch-long (191-cm) memory-foam mattress that can accommodate two campers and provide them with the kind of toss, turn, and stretch comfort they will appreciate after a day of peak- and valley-exploring.

With its rear kitchen layout, Sasquatch adds to the Highland’s high level of comfort by positioning a triple-burner Furrion gas stove above a low-set counter area within the rear door. Instead of sliding out from under the counter, the 62-L Iceco dual-zone fridge that is an option instals on the door shelf, giving camp cooks more room to work comfortably side by side at the kitchen. In order to create even more workspace, the fridge’s shelf can Sasquatch off-road camper trailer is equally sly and powerful. be easily pulled off and an additional secondary workbench can be lowered from the swing-out spare tyre carrier.

Prior to a crucial 2022 in which it established itself and released both the Highland 60 and the less expensive Smuggler tent-top trailer, Sasquatch was created in 2021. The base price of the Highland 60 is US$47,000 for the Trail model, going up to $50,950 for the mid-range Pro model and $54,950 for the top-of-the-line Pro-X variant. That’s a little too expensive for our tastes, but it’s still within the ever-expanding range of overland trailer prices.



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