3 Best Solar Powered Camper Vans for Family Camping


For a number of years, one of the most common power sources for camper vans has been lithium power systems combined with solar panels. Solar and lithium-powered recreational vehicles (RVs) allow you to disconnect from the grid and enjoy the freedom to roam, which is especially useful since the number of people camping each year continues to rise.

Because of the powerful nature of these systems, you will be able to camp stealthily, boondock, and make the most of locations with fewer facilities at campsites. In addition, if you are planning to go see relatives or travel to your second home, it is a good idea to bring along some solar panels and lithium batteries for overnight stops along the road.

The field of recreational vehicles (RVs) sees annual technological advancements. Solar panels and lithium batteries continue to undergo advancements that make it possible to remain off the grid for extended periods of time without the use of conventional power sources or loud generators.

You no longer have to worry about your battery life on a daily basis or rely on a noisy generator that keeps you up all night. Allow your solar panels to maintain a slow trickle charge on your lithium batteries so that you can remain off the grid for a longer period of time.

Solar and lithium battery systems both take up less room and weigh less, which is perfect for recreational vehicles that are essentially mobile residences on wheels. Check out some of these best camper vans for outdoor camping.

Camper Van for the Thor Sanctuary

Sanctuary-Paint-IridiumSilver Camper Van

Both the Thor Sanctuary 19L and the 19P are equipped with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 4×4 chassis, making them ideal for use in off-grid environments. The electrical system of the Re(Li)able Power Pack consists of a lithium battery with a capacity of 400 Ah and a solar panel with a wattage of 200.

In addition, there is a pure sine inverter with a capacity of 3,000 watts that may power your AC appliances, such as your television, air conditioner, and other electronic devices.

The Sanctuary 19L and 19P are fully equipped with a variety of features that make them ideal for boondocking, such as a mounted LED light bar that is protected by a cover to facilitate travel at night to your subsequent destination.

In addition, the Sanctuary models come equipped with the Winegard ConnecT 2.0 4G/Wi-Fi/Digital TV antenna, which ensures that you will always have a dependable internet connection regardless of where you are.

Thor Sequence Camper Van

Solar Camper Van

The Thor Sequence lineup is propelled by a V-6 engine that is efficient in its use of fuel and is constructed on the chassis of the RAM Promaster 3500 XT window van. The gas-powered camper van is an alternative that is both simple to drive and economical, and it does not skimp on either capacity or power.

Both the 20A and the 20K models have a solar charge converter with a 190-watt solar panel, a 3,000-watt inverter, and dual lithium-ion house batteries with 100 amp hours of capacity each. You also have the option of expanding your system with the optional Re(Li)able renewable battery system that has 800 amp hours.

The Sequence 20A and the Sequence 20K both come included with a Rapid Camp+ multiplex wiring system, which gives you complete command over all of the electrical features contained within your motor coach.

Because using the function is as simple as pushing a button, you won’t have to worry about setting up camp and can instead focus on relaxing and having fun in the great outdoors. Because it is powered by LED lights, the Thule LED power awning will allow you to keep the party going well into the night.

Entegra Ethos Li Camper Van


The RAM ProMaster 25000 chassis is ideal for use when traveling off the grid, and it serves as the foundation for the Entegra Ethos Li 20TL, 20DL, and 20AL. The lithium battery in these camper vans has a capacity of 210 amp hours and 48 volts, and it can deliver 10-kilowatt hours of power.

Off-grid capabilities are provided by solar panels with a capacity of 200 watts each that are put on the top of the building. In addition, there is an inverter with a capacity of 3,500 watts for your air conditioner products.

You can stay connected even in rural areas with intermittent service thanks to the Winegard ConnecT 2.0 46/Wi-Fi/digital RV antenna that comes standard on the Ethos Li.

When you want to take a hot shower but yet want to preserve water, the Aqua View Showermi$er water management system gives you the ability to do so by cycling water back into the system until it reaches the ideal temperature.

An incredible advantage for campers is that they will not have to waste fresh water while waiting for it to heat up, since this will prevent them from doing so.

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