Transformed WWII Bunker: Discover the Unique Vacation Home Experience

A remarkable vacation home in southern England has been created within a WWII-era concrete bunker originally used for protection against Luftwaffe attacks. The architectural firm Corstorphine & Wright, in collaboration with engineers Symmetrys, successfully preserved the bunker’s historical character while introducing a comfortable interior design. Notably, a “bomb blast” glazed opening was incorporated, providing stunning views of the coastline.

Commissioned in early 1941, the Transmitter Bunker played a vital role in the UK’s Chain Home radar system. This pioneering radar network served as the world’s first early warning system and played a crucial role during the Battle of Britain. However, the bunker ceased its operations and was decommissioned in 1956.

Spanning an interior area of 60 square meters (645 square feet), the vacation home primarily features a spacious living room designed to maximize the breathtaking views. To provide warmth, a wood-burning stove has been installed within the living room. In addition to the living space, the transformed bunker also includes a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a dining room.




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