Vega 2.0 Extreme-Terrain Teardrop: The Perfect Micro-Camping Solution”

Cedar Ridge Campers has launched an impressive update to their Vega series teardrop trailers. The Vega 2.0 combines a rustic-modern interior with a rugged exterior, capable of withstanding extreme conditions. Its standout feature is the expandable galley, which has been further improved in this version.

Unlike typical teardrops, the Vega 2.0 separates the stove and sink from the main countertop. They are now housed in a large slide-out, which can be installed on either side of the trailer. This smart configuration frees up the full-width stainless steel countertop for food preparation and storage of ingredients and serving ware.

The design by Cedar Ridge prioritizes functionality and spaciousness. By providing ample work and prep space, as well as separate cooking and prep areas, the kitchen area becomes more practical. Multiple chefs can comfortably work without constantly bumping elbows. The slide-out comes equipped with a dual-burner Partner stove, collapsible sink basin with a fold-down hot/cold faucet, and a convenient cutlery drawer.

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