10 Best Android Apps for Health

most popular health apps for android

Keeping track of your progress with a health app on your android phone can go a long way in your quest to stay healthy. Finding the right health apps that can help to track and improve your general well-being can help you towards your goals. Here are the top 10 best health apps for android to help you on your way to achieving your goals.

health and fitness android apps

1-My Fitness Pal

This is by far and large the most popular fitness tracking app, once you type it into the Google Play Store it is the first one that pops up and in my experience, it is a great app for keeping track of everything. It has a barcode scanner inbuilt and pretty much scans anything, apart from that it has a huge database full of products that you can pick from so that you can kind of more or less get the calorie goal for the meal you are trying to create. It has exercises built in, broth calorie estimates, you know weight loss goals all that sort of thing and it’s a really great app. MyFitnessPal gives you access to more varieties of exercises and tracking your data. If you are looking for just sort of like a basic fitness tracker My Fitness Pal is the best health app to go to, it is really simple to use and put in your data.

best android apps for health


Lifesum is a food tracker app so basically you can just log all of the food you eat and it tells you all the nutrition and all that. It also has just so many ways to track your health, it has plans that you can follow and nutrition guides and all of that so you can kind of download it, it’s free and you can go in and play around and see if it’s something that you are interested in. This app is more geared towards people who intend to cook the majority of their food and it gives you recipes so that you can really tailor your diet to what your fitness goal is whether it is weight loss or muscle gain or whatever it is. If you are looking for a health app that is going to sort of whip you into shape you want to go for Lifesum because it can really tailor your diet and what you are doing every day.

best android apps for health


Headspace is a meditation app, I only recently just started using it but I am already addicted to it because it is such an amazing health app for android. It’s a paid app so you pay a monthly fee for the subscription but they have a full 30-day free trial where you can try it all out and you don’t have to commit to anything. What this app does basically is that it just tracks your meditation courses. They have tons of different meditations series so if you are interested in meditation or you want to learn meditation I highly recommend checking out headspace.

best android apps for health


4-Sleep Cycle

Sleep cycle is a super cool health app for android that tracks your sleep pattern, it monitors your sleep and then wake you up at the optimal time like when you are coming out of a deep sleep kind of thing instead of just waking you up when you set the alarm so it gives you about a thirty minute range and then wake you up at the best time. It works by using a microphone to monitor the sound when you are sleeping; you just need to put it next to your bed. You can put it on airplane mode and it will still work so if you don’t want to have the Wi-Fi or any connections that close to your head you can turn all that off. It is also a premium app it has a 30-day free trial, so if you are interested in tracking your sleep it is a super cool app.

best android apps for health


The next app I want to talk about is for people who have a period so it’s a period tracker app called Clue. It has a little marker that can be moved around the circle and it tells you when you are in your period, when you are fertile, when you are probably going to be having PMS, and all of that. It also has emotions, pain, sleep, energy, motivation, and social function so it’s pretty much like an all-in-one for tracking everything surrounding your cycle.

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6-S Health App

This app works better on Samsung phones or smart watches since most of them have a built-in heart rate monitor and different sensors to work in conjunction with the app. The app can track your steps as well as monitor your sleep; moreover if your device has a heart rate monitor it can measure your stress and oxygen saturation levels. In addition, this app can measure calories of different meals that are either homemade or even from different restaurants. Overall, there are just a handful of different neat features you can do on the S Health app. You can pick it up on the Play Store.

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7-Moves App

After launching the app for the first time and going through the setup process you are presented with a minimalistic view of what will soon become your activity progression. The bubble represents the amount of movement you have made in the day and if you have done more than one type below that is the storyline or recap of locations you have visited with an approximation of the time you were there. Moves app will intelligently track your means of movement throughout the day whether it is walking, running, or cycling just to name a few and each location you visit will also be displayed on the storyline. Don’t expect moves to be precise as the app is designed to pull data from the motion tracking coprocessors found in most modern smartphones, battery life on your phone will also be affected due to all the work being done on the device. This health app for android won’t replace the dedicated finished tracker or SmartWatch but it proves to be a great free solution.

best health android apps

8-Google Fit

One of my favorite fitness tracking app of choice is Google fit. Google fit utilizes multiple sensors in your device to track your steps, the number of miles you walk, and the number of calories you burn. Fit allows you to add activities and set personal goals for walking, running, biking, and a ton of other athletic activities. You can set goals based on your steps, distance, calories burned, and just the amount of time you spend on any activity. Google fit also shows you all your weekly activities to compare and top previous records. If you complete any goal that you set, it will play an awesome little 60fps animation, so make sure to check out Google fit for free on the Play Store.


9-Seven Minute Workout

The reason I love this app is that it is super easy to just jump in and hit a workout and the workouts are designed to burn as many calories as possible in that seven-minute period. They keep you on your feet the first couple of times you are done and you can increase the intensity of the workouts which is awesome but the reason I love this app is that it is super easy just get in and start your workout especially if you know you are late for work or you don’t have time to hit the gym that day, it is just super easy to get your workout done.

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Now following on from the seven-minute workout app is a new favorite that I stumbled upon earlier this year which is Sworkit. This is like the seven-minute workout app except it is tailored to specific muscle groups, so you can do abs, chest, back, or legs workouts. You can start with five-minute intervals or go up to fifteen, twenty, or thirty minutes and you don’t need any extra equipment. The best thing about this app is it is all based on your own body strength so you are looking at push-ups, sit-ups, squats all those you know crazy exercises that just burn that fat down and this app just runs you through. The guide will run you through each workout and you can make them as long as possible. The reason why I like this one is that if you want to sort of target specific areas of your body this one is great and a lot more detailed than the seven-minute workout app.

most recommended health android apps


Those are the top 10 best health apps for android that have to do with health and tracking your health. I see health from a holistic point of view so I don’t only think of health as how your physical body is doing but also your mental health as well and there are so many aspects to health and sometimes it can get a little bit tricky I guess. I find these apps to be really intuitive and really good for tracking pretty much anything you need, so if you have any other apps that you love or if you have had an experience with any of these please leave a message below so that we can all benefit from your knowledge.

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