Dinner In the Sky-Dubai UAE


Did you ever think about a dinner in the sky? Yes, dream has come true as Dubai Marine Club is offering dinner at 50 meters above the ground suspended in the sky but please never complain about the ambiance as there will be blanket of breathtaking fog beneath you, covering Dubai roads, giving the city an ethereal look.


Imagine! What would you feel if you and your loved one having dinner at 50 meters above the ground suspended in the sky but dinner in the sky will cater to those foodies who want to have dinner experience a notch higher.

Dinner in the sky is a Belgian-based experience, selected by the Forbes as one of its 10 unusual restaurants in the world, serving sky-meals across the globe to thousands of people. Dinner in the sky includes locations at Kuala Lumpur, Village Borghese in Rome, Athens, Copacabana Beach, and Cape Town.

Both guests and host are strapped to bucket seats with safety harnesses then raised up to height of 50 meters using a crane to enjoy sky-meals and scenic views as well.

All meals are priced from Dh499 to Dh799.

For booking Sky dinner in Dubai UAE please visit www.dinnerinthesky.ae.

Before booking have a look at clip from past locations of dinner in the sky.


Other Locations for Dinner in the Sky

1-Dinner in the Sky Los Angeles

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2-Dinner in the Sky Kuala Lumpur

dinner in the sky kl

3-Dinner in the Sky Village Borghese in Rome

dinner in the sky locations

4- Dinner in the Sky Athens

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5-Dinner in the Sky Brussels

unusual restaurants in the world


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