ANNA Stay 2.0 slides apart to let Enjoy the Outdoor

We previously wrote about the extraordinary ANNA Stay, a lodge with walls that slide open to provide a semi-outdoor living, in 2020. The ANNA Stay 2.0, designed by the project’s original creator Caspar Schols, retains the same unconventional layout but also includes some welcome improvements like a submerged shower and a bed that can be folded away.

The owner of the ANNA Stay 2.0 can physically move its wooden walls apart to open it up to the weather or use it like a regular cottage. As an alternative, it can slide open while remaining weatherproof with a glass roof and walls, or it can offer a transparent enclosure on one side, similar to a greenhouse.

“In wintertime, the insulated wooden shell of ANNA keeps the warmth inside like a thick winter coat,” explained designer Caspar Schols. “In spring or autumn [fall], the glass keeps the rain outside, and welcomes sun inside to warm up the space. If it becomes too warm, guests can either slide and close the wooden layer to keep the coolness inside, or slide the glass layer open to allow a cool breeze to enter.”

It can grow as long as 13 m (42 ft), depending on how it is configured. An expansive open room that may be used for entertaining guests or for working out takes up a substantial portion of the internal floorspace. When it’s time for bed, the downstairs bed may be raised from storage beneath the floor. Along with the bathtub, the bathroom has a hatch that leads to it. A kitchenette, a typical bathroom with a shower, a basin, and a toilet, as well as a wood-burning stove for warmth, are also present. A ladder-accessible mezzanine loft sleeping area is another feature of the ANNA Stay 2.0.



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