Mercury’s Avator is now Equipped with Hotswap Batteries

At CES 2023, Mercury Marine revealed their first electric outboard motor. The Avator 7.5e has a swappable battery pack and is made to be fitted to tenders, micro-skiffs, rigid inflatables, and kayaks. It “delivers reliable, silent power to get you where you’re going.”

The Avator 7.5e, the first of a line of electric outboard goods from Mercury this year that also includes 20e and 35e variations, produces 750 W at the prop shaft. The name of the new line combines the words “advanced” and “thor,” the latter being the name of Mercury’s first outboard motor. It alludes to the company’s past and future.

It is said to use the first transverse flux motor technology in the industry for silent dependability, strong torque, and equivalent acceleration and speed to the brand’s 3.5-hp FourStroke outboard.

“One of the main reasons we chose to be the first to use transverse flux technology in this application is because of its high torque density,” said Mercury engineer, Andrew Przybyl. “The motor can generate instant torque at low rpm. Because of that, we were able to design a large-diameter three-blade prop that spins slower, which is better for efficiency and overall performance. The result is faster 0-4 mph acceleration and higher efficiency than similar competitive outboards. Efficiency is the name of the game in electrification, and the Avator 7.5e outboard was designed to give you the most out of every electron.”


The IP67-rated 1-kWh Li-ion battery pack that was created in conjunction with Mastervolt for the Avator 7.5e can be removed out of the outboard’s case for interior charging or hot-swapping with an additional unit that can be brought along for the trip to extend time on the water. The supplied charger allows for overnight charging of each battery, while alternative rapid chargers will also soon be available.

The outboard weighs 59 lb (26.6 kg) when the 16 kg battery unit is included, and it has a quick-connect mounting system. Models with Digital Power & Shift remote controls made to fit small boat helms will be available, or it can be driven with a ratcheting quick-tilt tiller (that can be locked down to create a carry handle).


Additionally, the outboard is compatible with the company’s new iOS/Android mobile app and has a full-color, daylight-readable display above the tiller that indicates the battery level and an estimate of the remaining range. By adding a SmartCraft Connect module, functionality can be expanded to incorporate features like GPS route planning.

“The Avator 7.5e is much more than just an outboard,” said Mercury’s VP of product development and engineering, Tim Reid. “We created an entire propulsion system, fully integrated from the advanced controls, props and digital gauges to an all-new mobile app. Every aspect was designed with the same attention to quality, durability and reliability as all Mercury products. We’re confident the Avator 7.5e outboard will deliver a superior boating experience for boaters interested in powering small vessels with electric propulsion.”

The Avator 7.5e is anticipated to go on sale later this year; however, the price has not yet been disclosed.


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