Automate Indoor and Outdoor Growing with the Modular Gourmet Garden

In 2015, the French startup Véritable introduced a countertop garden on Kickstarter for automating the growth of micro-greens and herbs.

They’ve now returned with a modular system adaptable for both indoor and outdoor use. Such automated growing solutions have been a recurring theme on crowdfunding platforms, aiming to make year-round fresh green production easy.

Véritable’s new Gourmet project features a powder-coated aluminum trough with slots for up to six pods, each containing pre-sown organic seeds and nutrients. Users will need Véritable’s ecosystem for replacements, but they offer a wide variety of plants.

Automation is a key feature, with passive hydroponics and optional autofill. Indoor setups include adjustable LED grow lights, and a mobile app provides guidance.

The Gourmet is currently on Kickstarter, with various pledge options starting at $349, and estimated shipping from March 2024.

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