BMW introduced World’s First Electrified Wingsuit

Wingsuit flying got a head turning attention of people after sparking a wave of video by Red Bull and GoPro. Now the dream of flying has come true as BMW group has introduced World’s first electrified winguit. The wingusit has been developed by BMW i and professional Austrian Wingsuit pilot, Peter Salzmann who completed its first maiden flight. NEXTGen 2020 has presented the video below.

BMW i’s electrified wingsuit contains two encased carbon propellers with a capacity to deliver power output of 7.5 kW, a speed of around 25000 rpm with a total output of 15 kW which is available for approx. five minutes. The purpose of electric drive system is to perform better constant glide flight and enhance the performance of wingsuit to cover the longer distances.

Once the system is activated the pilot experiences immediate acceleration enabling the user to fly at speed of more than 300 km/h. Salzmann explained after performing maiden flight. For more watch below video.


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