Experience Simple Living with this Travel-Friendly Tiny House

Modern Tiny Living has recently introduced a new tiny house called the Buxton, designed with a compact and space-saving interior layout. This tiny house is an excellent choice for use as a guesthouse or even as a full-time home, particularly for those who enjoy regular travel. The Buxton can accommodate up to four people, albeit in a cozy manner, and is priced at approximately US$79,000.

Named after the Buxton Lighthouse in North Carolina, this tiny house spans a mere 20 ft (6 m) in length. Compared to larger models like the Canada Goose, which is more than twice as long, the Buxton’s smaller size facilitates easier towing, especially for frequent travelers. It is built on a double-axle trailer and features engineered wood siding with a steel roof. Power is obtained through a standard RV-style hookup.

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The interior of the Buxton is filled with abundant natural light, thanks to its generous glazing. It boasts poplar tongue-and-groove paneling and vinyl flooring throughout. Upon entering, visitors find themselves in the living room, where a sofa bed sleeps two individuals and incorporates convenient integrated storage space. Additionally, there are shelves and a bookcase for further organization. A mini-split air conditioning unit ensures a comfortable temperature within the living room.

Connected to the living room is the kitchen, equipped with stainless steel countertops and sink, cabinetry, a mini-fridge, and ample nearby closet space. There is also available space for additional appliances if desired. A compact bathroom is located nearby, featuring a flushing toilet and a shower for convenience.



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