Qondesa: The Stunning Curved Skyscraper Designed to Avoid Casting Shadow on Neighbors

MAD Architects is set to unveil a new skyscraper in Quito, Ecuador, featuring a radical design that curves dramatically as it rises. The unique shape of the building is not just a stylistic choice, as it has been carefully designed to prevent neighboring buildings from being blocked by the structure and to preserve their natural light and views.

Named Qondesa, this will be MAD’s first project in South America and is being developed by Uribe Schwarzkopf, who is also behind BIG’s Iqon and Carlos Zapata Studio’s Unique, two other high-profile towers in the area. Qondesa will become the tallest skyscraper in the city, surpassing Iqon’s current height of 130 m (425 ft).

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The building’s facade will be stone-colored, reminiscent of the volcanic stone used in many of Quito’s historic buildings, and will feature planters installed on the balconies and a rooftop garden. The curved design of the building, although it may still block some light, is a significant improvement over a standard rectangular skyscraper and aims to evoke the image of vines weaving around the building, tapering at its top.


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