Flat-Pack Camper Pod: Pitch, Stack, and Explore Off-Grid with this Micro Shelter

Introducing the Maverick camper cube by Caboose & Co, a unique alternative for on- or off-grid living. This compact shelter combines the convenience of a ground tent, the mobility of a pop-up trailer, and the functionality of a tiny home. Designed for two people, the Maverick can be set up in under five minutes, providing a secure, lockable living space. While not extravagant, its interior offers a comfortable living environment comparable to a tent or basic camper shell. The Maverick packs flat for easy transport and is an intriguing option for campers seeking a practical and efficient camping solution.

For camping enthusiasts in search of reliable storage solutions, finding the perfect camper box is essential. The ideal box should feature vertical walls for efficient space utilization, stackability, and full waterproofing. One popular choice that meets these criteria is the Wolf Pack Pro. These rugged storage boxes are designed to safely carry camping gear such as cookware, sleeping bags, and lighting equipment. Additionally, if space is a concern, collapsible boxes or crates that fold flat when empty can be valuable for maximizing room in the vehicle.

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The journey for the perfect stackable camping box took an unexpected turn when stumbling upon a human-sized variant that encompasses all the desired qualities. This remarkable find offers campers not only efficient storage for their gear but also a living space that meets their needs. Created by Caboose & Co, a spinoff of Cube Modular based in Worcester, UK, this innovation stems from a collaboration with Hungarian company Campsule. Originally launched in the challenging times of fall 2020, the Maverick camper cube serves as a secure and safe escape from a turbulent world, catering to the needs of campers in the UK and Ireland.


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