Ember unveils its US Off-grid Living Family Traveling Trailers

Okay, so you might not be familiar with the name Ember RV. If so, don’t feel bad; this team just recently entered the market in 2021. Ashley Bontrager Lehman is the only person (CEO) in charge of overseeing this programme. Bontrager. Bontrager. I’ve heard that name before, but where? Of course, the same family founded Jayco, Inc. Are you beginning to see what Ember RV owners can expect?

Look at the Touring Edition, the newest member of this group’s mobile family, to get a sense of what they’re all about. That is the real name of the class. But despite their final names, these units would not have been any less effective. There appears to be something for everyone given the eight new floorplans that are offered. Oh, and just to be clear, the lowest 20FB floorplans start at $46,700 (or €45,500 at current exchange rates), and the largest 28MBH starts at $59,515 (or €58,000 at current conversion rates). The latter unit has ten total beds.


What can we expect from this new family, then? The first thing to note is that each unit is mounted on a drop-frame chassis with torsion axles. Ember tops that off with an aluminium shell frame, and the panels are all-laminated Azdel, baby! Even a lifetime warranty is included with the one-piece PVC roof. The outcome? The 28MBH is the heaviest unit, weighing 7,525 pounds, while the lightest unit weighs 5,770 pounds (2,617 kilogrammes) dry (3,419 kilograms). Indeed, this is one of those lineups that calls for much more than your typical SUV. You must call in the major guns.



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