iDome Multi-Hammock let’s you lounge without Trees

The iDome Shelter is a very distinctive type of hammock tent that uses a sturdy aluminium, steel, and carbon frame to support up to 1,000 pounds off the ground. It can keep you and a friend in a state of blissful suspension while holding your gear above the curious animals below. All arrangements offer sun protection, and the shelter can be expanded to offer complete weather protection for overnight camping.

A strong thick-poled frame that relies on tensile integrity to support weight is the secret to the iDome Shelter’s durability. The typical tent or awning frame would quickly collapse under excessive weight, but the designers of the iDome claim that their geodesic frame actually stabilises under load.


The 41-lb (18.5-kg) iDome frame is definitely substantial, but it is made to be simple to assemble. Individual poles and pole segments unfold and secure into shape in a matter of minutes, and the entire frame is joined together as a single piece. Aluminum poles and sleeve connectors are used in conjunction with a powder-coated steel joint, extra-long 18-in (46-cm) steel stakes, and a carbon fibre anchor system in the construction.

The erected iDome Shelter has a pentagonal floor area of 91 square feet (8.5 square metres), a total interior volume of 527 cubic feet, and a very generous standing height of 8 feet (2.4 metres) at its peak (15 cu m). The iDome+ adds a rear ripstop wall for a mullet-like setup that provides some directional wind protection, while the most basic iDome model has a full poly-cotton ripstop roof for sun protection. The full iDome Camp variant completely encloses the frame with walls, adds a PVC tub floor with zippers, and finishes the shelter with a no-see-um mesh roof and water-resistant rain fly.

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