Kia announced its Qouris fully luxurious Car

KIA Qouris luxury s will be available in the market outside the South Korea later this year as announced by Kia.  KIA Qouris, an automobile wheel driven is known KIA K9 in Korea.  By introducing this KIA wants to attract the upmarket consumers in the showrooms by the combination of high-tech gadgetry, opulent trimming and GT styling dash.

KIA Qouris

Kia announced its Qouris as flagship car stressing exactly on luxury.  This car is being introduced for posh suburbs rather than the Nurburgring.   Its features will match much with K9. Qouris owns a 3.8 liter direct-injection engine plus 8-speed automatic gearbox have capacity to deliver 249 bhp and 291 lb-ft at 5100 rpm of torque.   It has millage of only  (9.8 L/100 km).   The Qouris is a multifunction automobile for different road conditions and driving styles to set suspension, steering and transmission.


Its interior is fully loaded with comfort and technology.   Front seats are powered and trimmed in NAPPA, heated and ventilated.  Driver seat has 16 way adjustment and memory settings for two people.  The rear seats have lumber back supports plus heated cushion.  There is also a powered sunroof on the car.

Luxurious interior

You can entertain yourself with multimedia rear-seat system and 9.2 inch monitors.  The automobile also has Lexicon audio system with 12-channel digital amplifier placed in the trunk

The Qouris has innovative feature of head-up display that can adjusts the light conditions and feed the driver information on speed, speed limit, blind spot detection and navigations directions.

Another standout feature is a head-up display that automatically adjusts to light conditions and feeds the driver information on speed, the local speed limit, navigation directions and blind spot detection.

The Qouris is featured with keyless entry and has AFLS (adaptive front lighting system).  AFLS system can adjust the headlamps angle and width to provide the right light for speed.  There are four cameras erected around the car to view a 360-degree image of vehicle location and to aware the driver about the surroundings.   To maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, Qouris has Smart Cruise Control with radar.  This system automatically applies brakes if it is very close to the vehicle ahead.  The Qouris PGS (Parking Guide System) helps the driver during parking.

Qouris price is yet not announced by Kia.

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