Brookstone introduced a virtual keyboard well fitted in a Keychain

With every passing day, mobile and tablet companies are trying their level best to add new features to this technology for comfortable usage of the devices.  But, still no co has introduced the shrunken keyboard well fitted in keychain.  This is a laser keyboard, comfortable and useable like full sized QWERTY keyboard and can be used at any flat surface.  Brookstone has introduced this keychain and also receiving orders from CTX.  This laser keychain projects a complete laser keychain at any flat surface.

There are so many other virtual keyboards like this but this is the smallest and low affordable priced to date.  It projects a QWERTY keyboard in front and an optical sensor tracks the finger movement of user during typing.   It can be connected to the device wirelessly through Bluetooth.  Its battery timing is two hours that can be recharged through USB.  You can carry it easily with you in your pocket as its size is as Zippo lighter.

Brookstone has priced this virtual keyboard at USD 99.99 and can be purchased online by visiting brookstone web.  Brookstone is going to ship out the device on October 1.

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