Look at SolarImpact- the Solar-Powered Super Yacht

SolarImpact is a 78-ft electric yacht concept that is first of its kind. Equipped with 300 sq m of solar panels and 800-kWh battery, the ocean-going solar-powered yacht can cruise upto 10 hours that can be extended by topping up the battery when the Sun is shining. The yacht’s giant solar array which covers the majority of upward surface can generate up to 320 kWh a day if the sun is shining well.


If we compare the SolarImpact with a regular yacht of similar size that burn approx. 100 liters of fuel an hour at a 10-knot cruise. It means that super solar-powered yacht would cause zero distress for owner of average 80 ft yacht owner and its eco-friendly too as it uses solar power for cruising.

If the sun is not shining upon your voyage then a pair of 65-kW (87-hp) diesel engines is installed on board as backup. Drives systems are automated as using some sort of AI assistance so a single person can move it. SolarImpact is equipped with interest stabilizing technology as twin torpedo-shaped buoyancy hulls under the water surface. Company says that this technology will reduce side-to-side rolling by as much as 90% and make it comfortable even when high waves hit. SolarImpact interior is fancy and luxurious beyond your expectations and can accommodate up to 10 guests plus crew.

SolarImpact concept was unveiled at Cannes Yachting Festival last week along with a full 3D model for potential buyers to explore the vessel VR.


Watch the below video to have a great look of SolarImpact, the solar-powered super yacht.

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