Luxurious Gooseneck Tiny House: Big-Home Comforts Packed In

MitchCraft Tiny Homes’ latest model offers a remarkable combination of luxury and functionality, reminiscent of larger conventional houses. Designed with ample storage and an emphasis on natural light, this tiny home presents a flexible living space that exudes a sense of openness. The inclusion of underfloor heating ensures a cozy atmosphere, while modern conveniences like a dishwasher elevate the level of comfort.

Casey’s 32′ x 10′ Tiny Home, built on a triple-axle gooseneck trailer with an extra-wide frame, showcases a more spacious and house-like layout. However, it’s important to note that towing this model on the road requires obtaining a permit. Spanning an interior area of 390 sq ft (36 sq m), visitors are greeted by a generously proportioned kitchen situated at the heart of the home. This well-appointed kitchen features a dishwasher, sink, electric stovetop, and abundant storage space, complemented by a dining table for two.

To accommodate the owner’s pets, the kitchen area also incorporates a large cat tree and a cat flap, providing convenient access to the outdoors. Adjacent to the kitchen, the living room beckons with its cozy sofa and a cleverly designed storage unit that discreetly houses a TV when not in use. Moreover, ladder-style steps integrated into the wall lead to a netted loft area, expanding the living space without compromising the influx of natural light cascading from the skylight above.

In summary, MitchCraft Tiny Homes’ innovative design philosophy combines luxury and practicality in this newest model. With its abundance of storage, underfloor heating, dishwasher, netted loft space, and a roomy bedroom that allows for standing upright, this tiny home offers a delightful living experience reminiscent of a full-sized house.



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