Curvy Condominium with Glass-Bottomed Pool Connects at 12 Stories

Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) has designed a captivating luxury condominium project in Miami, Florida. The development consists of two buildings connected by a rooftop glass-bottomed swimming pool, offering residents an exhilarating swimming experience between the structures.

Situated at 8777 Collins Avenue, the project presents two distinct design options: one with a sloping exterior and the other featuring a more uniform shape. While the designs differ slightly, they both showcase an alluring curving facade inspired by the ebb and flow of the nearby ocean. This architectural choice not only creates balcony areas but also ensures privacy among residents and neighboring units.

The two buildings are seamlessly linked by skybridges, offering convenient access and a sense of cohesion. Additionally, the glass-bottomed pool serves as a unique and inviting feature, perfectly suited for Miami’s tropical climate. Unlike the Sky Pool in London, this innovative amenity will provide an unparalleled experience for the residents.

Each building encompasses 12 floors, accommodating a total of 57 residences in various sizes. The majority of the floorspace is dedicated to these well-appointed units, providing a luxurious living environment within the condominium.

ZHA’s visionary design for this luxury condominium project combines striking aesthetics, functional elements, and an exceptional swimming experience, resulting in a truly remarkable residential development in Miami, Florida.

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