Most Popular Indoor Smart Gardens

This is modern era and people are searching for innovative ideas for gardening. Smart gardens ideas are trending now a days. Before finding top trending smart gardening ideas for you, it is worth important to discuss that what smart garden is. Simply a herb, vegetable or fruit garden controlled by computer or app is called smart gardens.

The process to setup smart garden is easy. It involves three steps. First, you have to set base for pod and water tank. Next step is to set LED light strip and then base is connected to arm. Its interesting to tell you that its smart gardening free of GMOs, pesticides and insecticides. The automatic system monitors the requirement of water, light and nutrients for the plants, being grown through smart garden system.

Smart gardens are most popular for growing herbs and vegs indoor in kitchen. These gardens are fancy, decorative and add rustic look to your living place. Here I’m going to share a list of best smart gardens with you which I finalized while searching online about being popular smart gardens.

1-Clikc and Grow Smart Gardens

Click and grow is most popular smart gardens product which is most suitable to grow variety of herbs, vegs and fruits in your kitchen. For more feature visit.

2- AeroGarden Smart Gardens

If you have decided to grow sufficient fruits, herbs and vegs to feed your family then AeroGarden is the best smart indoor garden. It is 5 time faster to grow than soil. For more watch below video and visit here.

3-Aquasprouts Gardens

This is another smart gardens option at your affordable price. It contains a aquarium and a growing bed into the same system for more visit and watch below video.

4-Botanium Smart Garden Kit

Botanium is smart plant pot enabling the user to grow herbs, fruits and vegs easily. There is water reservoir at the bottom of the pot which is filled up with the water and nutrients to supply the growing herbs every week through automatic system. For more watch below video and visit.

5-EDN Wallgarden

It is larger indoor hangable smart garden. Water and  fertilizer  supply  is  controlled  by  automatic  system  and  lighting  through  LED lights as well. For more watch below video and visit.

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