Nomads from Arctic Circle-Lifestyle of Komi Nomads

I was watching a video about Komi Nomads, the people living like nomads in Arctic Circle. Their lifestyle is amazing. They live in rough tents and migrate from one place to other during different weather conditions. These people own reindeer herds and earn to live a very simple life.

Women of Nomads are hardworking. They cook foods inside the camping tents and also help out their men. Nomads left their shelter early with their reindeer herds to graze them in the area. Nomads herders have their wooden carts with no wheels which is pulled by the reindeers.

When the weather is much critical, they pack their luggage and travel on their wooden cart loading the luggage on it. They travel around 7-10 KM in a day and then again install their camping tent shelter in the evening and then uninstall in next morning to travel more.

Amazing camping of Nomads people.

Nomads migrate to other places when weather is much critical.

For more about Nomads lifestyle watch below video by Slice on Youtube.

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