Old Grain Silo transformed into Tiny House named Silo Living

Netherlands-based Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Stella van Beers has built a tiny house from old grain silo named as Silo Living. Its snug interior is spread over two floors and squeezes a small living area and a bedroom.

Story of Silo starts when Van Beers approached a local farmer who want to sell his grain silo. After detail discussion with farmer about the idea to transform the grain silo into a dwelling, the farmer agreed to give it free of cost.

With a height of roughly 7 m, painted Silo has double doors cut into with added window. It has a lookup point on top with a clear hatch. Habitants can access using some external steps. Although its very compact inside due to the lack of floorspace yet the first floor features some storage space and a ladder leads to the bedroom with a 2 x 1.2 m (6.5 x 4 ft) bed.

As there is no running water, electricity and proper insulation so the structure can be used as permanent shelter however it is built as a hiker’s cabin as per Dutch planning laws however The Silo can be legally occupied for multiple days at a time.

Silo Living was featured at Dutch Design Week 2021 as part of Design Academy Eindhoven’s graduation show. Looking to the future, Van Beers next plans to take what she’s learned from the creation of Silo Living to continue to develop silo-based micro-homes.



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