Pegasus Hybrid EVTOL promises a wonderful Range

Previously Superyacht designer Steve Kozloff has designed a twin-prop VTOL aircraft that promises a wonderful range of 1380-mile and can take off/land conventionally where there is a runway. Dubbed as Pegasus, the concept features a four-seat cabin like helicopter with a set of fat wings. Each of the wings is fitted with a large tilt-capable propeller in 3.3 m diameter. The props are driven by electric motors and each makes around 700 hp. Kozloff says that together they make around 7500 lb of thrust. Pegasus will weigh around 1497 kg dry and 6000 while fully loaded.

The Prop system will get power from generator operated by Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67R turboprop engine having capacity of 1424 shaft hp. Fuel of 250 gal (946 L) will give a colossal estimated range.

Retractable landing gear enables the hybrid-E VTOL to takeoff and landing. Kozloff says that its capable of reaching takeoff speed within 400 ft of runway and also quick upon landing by reversing its props to get it stopped in a short distance.

It promises a very quick cruise speed over 345 mph (556 km/h), and a top speed of (checks spec sheet) … “Impractically fast,” which I’m sure is some kind of aviation term. Kozloff says the aircraft’s “stunning looks” help the Pegasus live up to its nomenclature as a “mythical white stallion.”



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