Tablets with windows 8

Probably you have listened about Windows 8, with this let’s take a review of four soon coming premium devices with Redmond’s new operating system.  These all tablets are fully operated with Windows 8 and offer functions like laptop through use of many peripherals.


These devices are Microsoft’s Surface Pro, the Aus Vivo, the Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro and recently unveiled HP Elite Pad 900.  All these devices are being marketed with a potential of fully-fledged laptops.

You have big choice between Intel’s Atom or Core i5 processor lines.  The earlier have a battery backup up to 10 hours and a considerable performance when compared with system operating on Core i5.  Microsoft surface and Samsung Ativ Smart PC Prov, the both run on Core i5 as the HP Elite Pad 900 and Asus Vivo have Intel Atom Chips.   Vivo and Elite Pad are with 2 GB RAM while Ative is with 4 GB.  Microsoft has still not disclosed about memory.

The SSD storage capacity is also differ between the devices.   Similarly all devices are with different processors.  The Surface and Ativ tablets are at top as they offer 128 and 256 GB storage respectively. While the Elite Pad 900 and Asus Vivo’s, the both offer max 64 GB.

While comparing the display then Asus vivo and Samsung Ativ are at top as they have 11.6 inch display.  Samsung offer full HD 1920 x 1080 panel while Asus system offers slightly less attractive 1366 x 768.   HP device is with the smallest display of 10.1 inch and 1280 x 800 screen.   Microsoft offers 10.6 inch with 1920x 1080 screen.

As discussed earlier, all the devices can perform like a full-fledged laptop.  Asus Vivo and Samsung Ativ offer a good choice of ports.  Asus Vivo has two USB ports for users and Samsung, s device is with mHDMI and miniSD functions while two USB ports are in keyboard.

These devices have keyboard like mini laptop or netbook.  Vivo has extra battery inside its keyboard to provide extra backup.

The devices of Microsoft and HP have same attachable keyboard solutions.   The Surface’s design is more stylish and provides a keyboard solution with minimum portability options.

Still there are no solid news about prices and release date however there are some rumors about it.  Samsung Ativ will hit shelves on 26 Oct having price of $1200.  Another rumor about Asus Vivo is that its price will be around $800 and nothing about its release date.

HP’s Elite Book will be available in the market from January and its price will be announced later.  Surface tablet with Windows 8 will be released on 26 October.  The version with full OS will hit shelves in January.  Still no info about prices how Microsoft CEO Steve stated in past that price will be between $300-800.

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