Tour the Secluded Cabin by Scalar Architecture

This retreat by Scalar Architecture in Connecticut is home to a family of writers while leaving a little environmental effect. The building is shaped like a dark green hut hanging above the rocky, sloping ground and is situated in a secluded area only accessible by foot or light utility vehicles. While the concave roof surface gathers water and light and regulates ventilation, the large openings allow residents to have a close relationship with nature. This creates an effective and comfortable living environment.

The 1200 square foot (111 square metre) cabin’s residents ascend a narrow stairway to a southeast-facing porch that is partially covered. From here, entry is made to the inside, which has two bedrooms, a loft, and tier-style living and eating spaces. The floating box, which conforms to the lush, sloping terrain, has been carved to include several sizable openings. One of these openings is the concave roof, which directs ventilation, lets residents see the surroundings, and collects light and water.


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