Go anywhere with Bruder’s Stealth Off-Road Camping Trailer

The Bruder EXP series from Down Under is one of the most ridiculously overbuilt and impressively equipped camper trailers we’ve ever seen. The EXP collection, which consists of massive, industrial-style composite fortresses with adjustable air suspension, pressurised, dust-free interiors, gourmet kitchens, and extras like optional washer/dryers and wine racks, has never cried out for an upgrade. The new Stealth package for all EXP trailers, from the EXP-4 ruggedized geo-drop to the new EXP-8 flagship, has nonetheless been introduced by Bruder. The updated package adds greater power, comfort, and off-road ability in addition to black-out appearance to accommodate even more ambitious off-grid activities.

In Bruder’s style guide, black and grey have always played a significant role, but the Stealth Edition elevates those minimalistic looks. All Stealth variants are completely black, from the roof rack to the tyre contact patch, with 18-inch black alloy wheels and 305/60R18 tyres to complete the look.

The equipment enhancements are what really make each Bruder EXP trailer better, even though the new colour scheme provides each one a slight visual edge. All three models start with a 300-W solar blanket, increasing their capacity for off-grid electricity. For a total battery capacity of 800 Ah, the EXP-6 receives an additional 200 Ah of power. In contrast, the EXP-4 includes a 2,000-W inverter-charger. The EXP-8 receives a regular microwave oven because it already has a top-tier electrical system with greater battery and converter power than either of those improvements can offer.

A variety of exterior improvements are made to all three EXP Stealth variants, starting with an electrically operated side awning and continuing with a 4,500 lb (2,040-kg) rear winch, tyre inflation kit, two blacked-out MaxTrax Extreme recovery boards, and more storage.

A drop-down privacy tent with a portable toilet and a platform rack for the EXP-4, an additional 45 L of water storage and an improved audio system with two additional indoor and outdoor speakers for the EXP-6, and a potent roof-mounted light bar and enhanced audio for the EXP-8 are additional model-specific upgrades.




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