15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Switzerland

Having official name Swiss Confederation, Switzerland is a country situated in the junction of Western, Central and Southern Europe. It is bordered by Austria to the east, France to the west, Italy to the south and Germany to the north.

From snowy peaks of Alps to sparkling blue lakes, emerald vellies to stunning greenery and ancient railway system, Switzerland is really matchless. It possess rich cultural attraction, Old Italian architecture, museums and galleries. Here are top tourist destinations in Switzerland.


Zurich is a best starting point for tourists as it is major transportation junction and largest city of the country. It is located beside the river Limmat at the northwestern end of Lake Zurich. Cobbled streets of old town offer cafes, galleries and ancient shops. The city offers plenty of famous museums like Swiss National Museum, the museum of fine arts and the Rietberg Museum. Get a train ride to Uetliberg Mountain for amazing views of the city and countryside.

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2-The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls (Rheinfall) at Schaffhausen are the largest falls in Central Europe which spans over 150 meters. Mid-summer is best time to visit when the mountain snow melts, and the falls swell in volume to disclose over a 21-meter-high ridge of Jurassic limestone.image via hiddeneurope.co.uk

3-The Matterhorn

Located on the border with Italy, It is one of the highest mountains in the Alps with height of 4478 meters .Village Zermatt is nestled at the foot of this huge peak which includes international resort, hotels and restaurants. Motorized carriages are prohibited here to keep the atmosphere clean. Horse –drawn carriage riders and old chalets are available here.  In the winter, skiers can measure more than 300 kilometers of slopes. In the summer, swimming and tennis are popular activities as well as hiking, climbing and biking. Summer glacier skiing is also available.

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4-Jungfraujoch (Top of the Europe)

It is situated at height of 3,454 meters and train journey to Jungfraujoch is one of the most popular things to do in the beautiful Bernese Oberland. The longest glacier in Europe, the Great Aletsch Glacier begins here which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The famous Eiger Trail from the Eiger glacier station to Alpiglen hugs to the rocks at the foot of the north face.

Many routes are available for hiking and the less active can ride gondolas and cable cars to scenic viewpoints over the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

Splendid Grindelwald is a glacier village in the Jungfrau region, which makes a great base for adventures into the surrounding mountains


5-Lake Geneva

Spreader along with French border, Lake Geneva is Europe’s largest Alpine lake which passes through some of Switzerland’s most popular cities. The city of Geneva nestles between wonderful snow-capped peaks at the point where the Rhône spills into Lake Geneva.

Another popular destination is The Jet d’Eau, a fountain in Lake Geneva. It troughs water 150 meters into the air. Cultural attractions include the Grand Théâtre at Opera House where famous international actor perform.

About 62 kilometers from Geneva, Lausanne offers lovely views over the surrounding region and the lake. Take a walk through the medieval old town to explore its cute cafés, boutiques and stunning Gothic cathedral. On Lake Geneva, Montreux hosts the world-famous Montreux Jazz Festival in June/July.

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6-Chateau de Chillon, Montreux

Chillon is amongst the most visited castles in Switzerland, it is located near Montreux. Successively occupied by the house of Savoy then by the Bernese from 1536 until 1798, it is now belongs to the State of Vaud and is classified as a Swiss Cultural Property of National Significance.

The complex comprises about 25 buildings built around three courtyards, the Gothic underground rooms, the Chapel, decorated with 14th-century paintings and the Camera Domini, a bedroom decorated with medieval murals claimed to belong to the Duke of Savoy.

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7-St. Moritz

Located at the height of 1800 meters from sea level, St.Moritz is home to alpine forests, stunning lakes, glaciers and peaks.

Lavish hotels and expensive restaurants are situated at this chic resort town which has hosted two winter Olympics.

Winter sports create fun from snowboarding, skiing and skating. In the summer, hiking, biking, water sports and Glacier skiing is also available in the summer.

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It is most popular summer tourist point which is located between Lake Brienz to the east and Lake Thun to the west. Höhematte is a masterpiece of urban planning which is comprised on 35 acres of open space. It is surrounded by gardens, hotels, and cafés. The main boulevard through here with amazing vistas of the mountains. The huge peaks of the Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau look above the town to provide nice opportunities for alpine adventures.

Cable cars, chairlifts, sky lifts and about 45 mountain railways network make possible to visit surrounding areas. Additionally, hiking, climbing, and kayaking are best activities.

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Famous for its music concerts, this car-free, ancient town which keeps a sparkling blue lake surrounded by mountains, historical buildings and sun-splashed plazas with bubbling fountains. No wonder Lucerne (in German, Luzern) is a top spot for tourists. The Culture and Convention Center is home to one of the world’s leading concert halls.

The Chapel Bridge is one of the city’s most famous landmark which built in the 14th century. In a small park, there is famous Lion Monument, a poignant sculpture of a dying lion, which tributes the heroic death of Swiss Guards during the attack on the Tuileries in the French Revolution.

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Many people are surprised when they hear that pretty little Bern is the Swiss capital. Surely industrial Zurich or international Geneva would be more logical, they say. But it’s precisely to avoid a concentration of power that Bern was chosen as the “federal city” exactly 170 years ago. It is located at the bank of River Aare this medieval old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Walking through the cobbled streets, visitors can explore the tallest cathedral with amazing views from its tower, 16th-century fountains, and the Zytglogge vintage clock tower with moving puppets and “Lauben” (six kilometers of shopping arcades). The Rose Garden (Rosengarten) provides amazing views of the old town center.

Bern has many tourist attractions which includes museums and impressive galleries. Must watch the markets in the Bundesplatz (parliament square) with amazing Renaissance-style views of parliament building (Bundeshaus).

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11-Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano is located on the Swiss/Italian border in Ticino which is Switzerland’s only official Italian-speaking canton. This area is famous for the   production of Citrus, figs, palms, and pomegranates. Italian culture, architecture and food is prominent in this area.

You may explore the area by touring the lake through renting a boat or white steamers. Three castles are enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage sites in Bellinzona which is capital of the canton.


12- The Swiss National Park

Spread on 170 Square kilometers area, it is the oldest reserve in the Alps which was founded in 1914 which is located along with Italian border. In order to preserve the natural ecosystems, nature-lovers can explore the region on specific terrain trails. The park is home to more than 5,000 species of wildlife including marmot, chamois, red deer, ibex, and more than 100 species of birds.

It is also home to flower-dotted hollows, fast-flowing rivers, and limestone crags. The scenery is especially amazing in winter, when the forested mountains are covered in a blanket of snow.

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13-The Bernina Railway line

The Bernina railway line is enlisted in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The Albula/Bernina line on the Rheatian Railways offers an unforgettable ride, its 122 kilometer route covers Albula and Bernina landscapes. It passes through almost 200 bridges, a number of tunnels, the Graubünden Mountains, and viaducts. The trains are operated throughout the year.

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14-Oberhofen Castle

Surrounded by 2.5 hectare park, this 13th century castle is one of the best tourist destination in the Swiss which is perched on the right shore of Lake Thun. It keeps a wonderful mix of architectures and styles .There is a living museum which presents belongings of feudal societies from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

15-The Ruinaulta 

Located in Eastern Switzerland, the Ruinaulta is a deep gorge surrounded by green mountains and expansive meadows. It was created about 10,000 years ago when the Ice Age Rhine Glacier created a heavy rock-slide in this area, As the Rhine River seeped through the rock walls, and the gorge was filled with water. This is most recommended area to visit in Switzerland which offers plenty of activities such as hiking, rafting and bird watching.

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