What Are 2-story e-Catamaran Party Lounge: Portless Deluxe Catamarans

Do you know that you can have a wonderful party at Catamarans? Well, if you don’t know what are catamarans, then here is a brief guide for you.

What are Catamarans?

The Portless Catamaran is a unique type of boat since it is a sizable inflatable that can be transported to the water in a car. At the water’s edge, it instantly expands into a dual-deck cruiser and lounge that is propelled by a small electric outboard motor that is assisted by a flexible solar panel in moving along cleanly and quietly.

It invites boaters to enjoy long days on the water while riding a fun, straightforward, stable electric vessel, leaving the hassles of the marina, off-season dry storage, and boat trailers in the past.

what are catamarans

What is Portless Catamaran?

The Portless Catamaran is a two-deck, electric, inflatable catamaran that can carry 4 to 8 passengers, depending on the size of the group. It gets the party out on the lake and keeps everyone there as long as the electric motor’s battery is charged, which could be all day if solar power is used.

How Much Does Catamaran Cost?

The Portless Catamaran is made in Hungary by DDD Manufaktra, a company with a presence in Germany as well. It utilizes the same robust drop-stitch hull design as inflatable paddleboards.

It will require a few people to carry because it weighs 265 lb (120 kg) when fully packed, but because it can be stored inside the trunk of a bigger car, transit is simpler than with solid-hulled catamarans.

The Portless Catamaran inflates into a stunning 14.8-foot (4.5-m) cat at the water’s edge, with upper and lower decks made to accommodate a total of six passengers. It is intended to take only 10 minutes to transition from the car trunk to the water launch.

Portless Catamaran

Portless Catamaran

The Portless Catamaran has 97 square feet (9 square metres) of room on the main deck, which benefits from the upper deck’s shade, and 32 square feet (3 square meters) of space on the upper deck for sunbathing, watching, and diving into the ocean.

A ladder-like staircase built into the inner side wall provides access to the upper deck, which can support up to 350 lb (160 kg) of weight.

How Much Does Catamaran Cost?

Are you searching for how much does Catamaran cost? Well, Catamarans designed specifically for cruising has a price range of $200,000 to $1M. Whereas an average price of a Catamaran is approximately $500,000.

Catamarans designed for cruising can be purchased for between $200,000 and $600,000 in their used state. The price of inexpensive recreational catamarans, which are often less than 20 feet in length, is typically less than $50,000.

How Much Does Catamaran Cost?

Well, if we talk about a Catamaran boat tour, then the tour cost varies depending on various factors. Such as the time you book a tour, number of passengers, size of the catamaran, type of the catamaran, and a few more things.

On average, a Catamaran tour will cost you from 50$ per person to 80$ per person. In any case, you must confirm the prices of different operators before you book your catamaran boat tour.

How Much Does Catamaran Cost?

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