April 3, 2020

7 Most Popular Paragliding Spots in US

Paragliding keeps its own special place among all the sports .With the support of simple craft parachutes, it is easy to fly. In the early 18th ,it was founded by mountaineers and climbers for easier way to come down the peak they had climbed.

Paragliding is on one of the newest air sports therefore it has been developing and expending in the last fifteen years, both as an outdoor activity and as sports.No complicated procedures ,periods of hard and long training are required to do this activity .All you need is good well and free time to enjoy amazing adventures.

United States of America is a beautiful country with lots of mountain, valleys, deserts and coastlines that are perfect for fly sports. Here are top seven paragliding destinations in the US.


Fort Funston

California is one of the top destinations in the world specifically for paragliding and hang gliding. The combination of coastline, mountains and sunny weather creates perfect conditions for flying. Fort Funston is located just a few mile South of San Francisco.This is a premier spot in Northern California for shorter and trick oriented gliding. This place is not suitable for beginners.


Owens Valley CA

This is a great place for beginners, as there are some school and launching points available around the valley. Located along the Eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada, this valley is suitable for long flying due to upward moving air conditions. Tallest mountains in the East and deserts are located in the East of this valley.

Jean Ridge dry bed

There are many places you can go to start your flight at this spot .The ridge runs about one mile long and it is made mostly of soft sand and rocks. This wonderful place is a favorite for paragliders from Los Vegas and all over the world.

 Sun Valley, ID

Located in Idaho this valley is one of the top destinations for paragliding and hang gliding and even served as one of the locations in the paragliding world cup last year .It is a good area for both beginner and experiences pilots. Sun Valley is a huge area, having big desert with moving upward air conditions that allow cross country gliders to fly for more than eight hours and cross hundreds of miles.


The Point of the Mountain, UT

This spot is located outside of Salt Lake city in North America great for both paragliding and hang gliding. This spot offers the consistent wind and a state park  named “Flight State Park Recreation Area”  devoted for flying, has been created here.

In the morning, the wind is smooth and steady and without turbulence. In the afternoon, however, with the valley heating up, there are big updrafts that let experienced pilots fly cross-country and do tricks.

The mountains jutting into the valley create a permanent stream of air that offers some of the smoothest air conditions in North America.


Sedona Red rocks

This spot is located in Arizona, it has become an extremely popular place for flying lovers and adventure seekers. You can breathe the fresh air in the desert, the smells of juniper flowers, red clay, lime stone and wild flowers. You have the sense of peace while doing so. If you are looking for a unique place than Sedona will be perfect destination.


Glenwood springs

If you want to experience fantastic and spectacular bird eye view you must go to Gleenwood springs. Paragliding down from such height might seem difficult at first but once you gather up courage, you will be rewarded with an amazing view. It has perfect spots for landing where you can slide smoothly. You will definitely have great if you choose Gleenwood springs as a spot for paragliding.

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