5 Best Horse Riding Destinations in USA

The United States of America is a very large country and has distributed population over a big area. Some western states like Wyoming covers area of size of the Germany and France but   have population less than 500,000 people, most of the part live in few cities and small towns. Even in the North Western states there are hundreds of horse riding destinations .It was discovered in 19th century that most of the land in Western USA is not suitable for agriculture due to less rainfall but vast grasslands are ideal for cattle farming. Immigrants from Europe and colonist from South Eastern Part of the USA rushed to Western frontier in search of cheap land. Vast area in the Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming states was declared open range where cattle were permitted to graze freely.

Best horse riding destinations in usa

On the holidays you will find best horse riding opportunities, vast wildness and genuine hospitality at following five destinations.

Hualapai Ranch

This wonderful guest ranch is located in North West Arizona within the Mohave Desert set in thousands of acres. Your hosts J.P and Tricia McCormick, together with their sons will do everything what they can do to make your tour most memorable. You are offered a gentle slow walking ride or an exciting fast ride as per your choice. At this ranch there also a disable riding program-everyone has opportunity to ride a horse. This ranch is perfect for a family oriented holiday.

best horseriding spots in USA

Hacienda Arizona USA

This ranch was established as guest ranch in 1924 and its history has been preserved in the building situated in the high Sonoran Desert just one-hour drive from Tucson. The ranch boosts 320 day of sun shine a year, ideally situated at the base of Baboquivri mountain.The ranch also borders the 120,000 acre Buenos Aires National wildlife refuge, which contains wild grasslands that preserve more than 300 spices of bird reached there for seasonal immigration. Surrounded by hundreds of eucalyptus trees the glorious building of the old South west warmly welcomes each guest. The ranch offers trails of rides, cattle work, sport shooting and relaxing.

Tombstone, Arizona ,USA

This ranch is located near historic city of Tombstone in Cochise county Arizona and Huachuca mountains. Wrangler at Tombstone take you to visit local history, hand dug wells, mine shafts, Petrglyphs, rock cabin ruins are some places to ride by. Whatever you are experienced rider or a beginner they have ride for everyone. For a more challenging riding adventure, walking, trotting and loping through desert, all services are available. You and your horse work together to perform different activities like crossing a bridge, going over log and opening and closing of gate.

Idaho Western pleasure ranch

This 75 year old family ranch has been welcoming guests since 1991.This ranch really does offer for everyone. The ranch has breed their own horses, there are well trained horses for experienced riders as well for beginners. This ranch honored to be named the no 1 Western vacation ranch in America by World Properly Journal.

Bitterroot ranch

In Wyoming, North America, Bitterroot ranch is one of the best horse riding ranch. Located in a lush green valley, this ranch offers tuition with experienced and certified instructors in team sorting, herding cows, cattle drives and cross country course. This has excellent fishing and cuisine opportunities along with their Arabia horse breeding farms, make this outstanding ranch to visit.

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