Most Popular Sailing Destinations in US

If you are looking for physically challenging and environmentally conscious vacation activity, sailing will be a best choice. Whether you sail for leisure or sail to race, we can all agree that sailing experience mostly depends on the location. For someone it is a spiritual activity. Here are a list of favorite sailing destinations within the US.


  1. San juan Islands,WA

The San Juan Islands are the peak of Washington sailing. Despite sloppy snow on the mainland of Washington, the island remains dry throughout the winter. Creating a trail of anchor destination, the islands are surrounded by National park. Sailing at this spot is possible throughout the year while the sky is not always sunny and blue in the Pacific Northwest.

  1. Maui, HI

You will enjoy the breathtaking view of sailing in Maui,HI ,if you gather  courage for the challenge of tackling constant changing winds, not only will you improve your sailing but you will be able to enjoy sailing in the warm Hawaiian sun throughout the year. Maui is considered one of the most exciting sailing spot in the US. It is said that if you sail in Maui you can sail in anywhere.

  1. Key West, FL

Key West is a beautiful place to sail, known for its coral reefs and crystal blue waters, Key West is a beautiful place to set sail. At this picturesque destination sailing into the sunset with dolphins is an amazing experience .As you sail island to island you can also enjoying observing wildlife like birds and sea turtle. Most of the people choose to stay living on their boats and it is possible throughout the year.

  1. Grand Haven, MI

Holding two patriotic coastal guard festivals in summer every year, Grand Haven is one of the best sailing destination in the Michigan US. Sailing is not just for the ocean, Lake, Michigan is home to many sailors also, who love the charm of blue water .If you never been to the great Lake before, you will be surprised to see that you can sail until you cannot see land anymore. The vastness of Lake Michigan is a dream of every sailor. Even though it is a lake, be careful the water can get dangerous as the ocean. Prime times for sailing at this spot is May through October.

  1. Apostle Island WI

Even if it is just for the sightseeing adventure, don’t miss the opportunity to sail through the Apostle Islands. Sailing is only possible from May to October because the water can be very chill, but if you visit the Apostle Island when Lake Superior freezes you can walk across the frozen water to explore the caves.

6 Bellingham Bay, WA

Bellingham Bay is an ideal place for racers, located just four hour drive away from the San Juan Islands. Making the experience fun for all ages, the bay is also full of college and youth sailors. It is possible to enjoy here throughout the year but it is recommended to avoid the chilly weather and enjoy peak season of May through October.

7 Newport,RI

It is beautiful shoreline town with seaside boating charm, including a yacht tour and a famous regatta. Newport is one of the most obvious choice when you plan a sailing trip to East coast .Sailing season begins in mid or early May and ends in Late October.

8 Catalina Islands,CA

You can start your sailing from Los Angeles and make your way to Catalina Island for the day. There are plenty of different types of trainers for sailors of all experience levels, from the bays to the harbors of wide open sea. .The trip can take between five to eight hours from the harbor of Los Angeles to Huntington harbor, Dana Point., but from California sailing is feasible year-round.

  1. Hudson River

All the way to upstate Troy, through the mountain, from New York City the Hudson River is a favorite sailing spot for everyone. With charming stops along the way that are sure to make memories for all members, it is a great family trip. Sailing season starts in late April and lasts through October.



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