Air eVTOL introduced its One prototype at Kentucky Derby

An Israeli company has introduced a buy and fly personal Evtol prototype at Kentucky Derby. Dubbed as Air One, Its two-seater, full size prototype aircraft focused on fun. The Air One is smart looking coaxial tow-seater octacopter with panoramic glass cabin. Its equipped with 8 electric motors with a capacity to deliver a peak of 771 hp (575 kW) to its medium-diameter, three-blade props and to carry a payload of 441 lb (200 kg).

Although it has conspicuous wings, but don’t feature cruise mode, no forward propulsion however the tilted wings enables aircraft to generate lift, resultantly this feature keep the flight dynamics simple. Only 16 hours of training is enough for pilot to fly and the price is relatively cheap.

The Air One will cruise fly at 100 mph (161 km/h) and max speed of 155 mph (250 km/h) however company claims that range and endurance are impressive. Only one hour charging is required for 100 percent top-ups and the 100 miles (177 km) or ah hour of flight time.

For more watch below video.


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