Spanish Tini introduces its Prefab Tiny House Tini M

Prefabricated tiny houses are most popular now days. Before talking about the wonderful prefab tiny house it is important to know that what prefabricated tiny houses are.

A prefab tiny house means a tiny house manufactured and designed off-site then moved and assembled at desired location. Prefab tiny houses are customizable as per owner requirements.

If you are nature lover and want to immerse with then prefab tiny house is the best option. Find your desired location and get back to nature with your prefab tiny house.

Recently a Spanish firm Tini has designed a prefab tiny house. Dubbed as Tini M, It’s a 34 sq m non-towable recommended for those who want to feel immersed in nature but not suitable for those who value privacy as the passerby can look interior. The tiny house comes with range of options and including its layout and off-grid functionality.

Most of the floor space is taken up by bedroom area with double bed and a lounge that fits a sofa. Kitchenette is nearby with induction stove and extractor hood along with sink, integrated fridge and cabinetry. A not visible bathroom is also available that contains shower, sink and toilet.

The base Tini M price starts from US$47000 that will rise depending on options, delivery cost and model. It takes 60 days to manufacture and delivery is available for Western Europe and US.


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