Amstervan dual-lounger adds R&R into RV Life

Mini-camper manufacturers have been experimenting with floor plans that feel nearly as spacious and practical as large campers based on full-size vans, abandoning the tried-and-true but constricting bench-bed/driver-side kitchen layout. There are two more recent additions with exceptionally cosy floor plans: The Vanderer (with e-Vanderer) and Ventje. The mini-camper has been given a unique makeover by Dutch newcomer Amstervan, whose interior design welcomes the outside in. Although the company likens its dual-lounger design to a comfortable coffee shop, we think it has a more tiki bar or poolside cabana feel, especially when we see the wood furnishings that appear like the bamboo or rattan structure you’d often find on such a location.

One of the reasons the VW California-style folding rear bench/bed floor concept is still in use is because it effectively fits four or five people, both during the trip and overnight, inside a small van. In more inventive floor ideas, the rear legal drive seats are frequently removed to make room for an open, lounge-like camper interior. The Amstervan fits only two people on the trip to camp while sleeping two people by default or four people voluntarily.

The brand-new 2022–2023 Renault Trafic serves as the foundation for the 499 cm (196 in) Amstervan, which has a DCi engine option range between 109 and 168 hp. A portable toilet, an outdoor shower, and an off-grid electrical system with a lithium battery, solar charging, and an inverter are available options.

At the Camping and Caravan show this month in Utrecht, the Netherlands, Amstervan was competing for the same sustainability prize as the GoCamp ebike camper. The camper in the image is a prototype; it has not yet been included in Campers. Online stock list for the EU. According to a recent YouTube video from the camper dealership, costs start at €51,250 (about $50,650 USD) before taxes. In the Netherlands, however, prices rise to €74,000 (around $73,125 USD) after BPM private motor vehicle tax and VAT are taken into account. Campers. The Amstervan is also available for rent from EU for €140 per day.


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