Forma Campers adds more space into its Teardrop Trailer

We continue to see novel, unexpected alternatives to the traditional teardrop trailer as it continues to enjoy renewed appeal throughout the world, from tough, aerospace-grade squaredrops to curved cubes. The most recent variation, created by Latvian firm Forma Campers, departs from the original arch-back design while preserving dimensions, a layout, and a base weight that are similar to more conventional rips. It has a two-person mattress-lined cabin and a rear hatch galley, and is dressed in a suit of faceted metal, which we can only describe as an origami-drop. Its roomy inside and big gullwing door come together to make a hard-walled base camp that’s great for eating, sleeping, working remotely while travelling, and just relaxing and enjoying in the scenery.

The 13-foot-long (4-m) Forma doesn’t precisely resemble any other camping trailer we can think of, but it does have a few characteristics in common with a handful. We are mainly reminded of the FIM Migrator by the overall shape. The Polydrops EV trailer is brought to mind by the faceted flanks. Additionally, the strange angles that flow in all directions appear to have been designed by the same cosmic brains as Taxa Outdoors. Our favorite facet alignment contrast is between the front’s outward angle and the back’s inward angle.


At the Caravan Salon, the Forma camping trailer had its official debut at a special starting price of €16,900 (or roughly US$16,950) before VAT. Diesel heater, Bluetooth audio, front utility box, roof rack, and GPS tracking security system are available extras.


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