Fjordsen XL Roof-Top-Tent makes your Car a Mini Camper

Having its set-up at Babberich, Gelderland, Netherlands, fjordsen is specialized in inflatable roof top camp manufacturing. They are the founders of the inflatable tent market through their own innovations and developments.

Fjordsen have gathered qualities of a traditional folding hard floor and an inflatable body to make, light weight and easy to relocate family tent. The structure of Fjordsen XL’s cabin tent is unique and sustainable as compared with others.

A  Fjordsen has chosen a roomy shape to maximize interior space which provides a comfortable night stay for two to four individuals. Fjordsen XL measures a 7.25 x 7.25-feet (220 x 220-cm) floor, a latest exo/endoskeleton of inflatable beams extends the waterproof acrylic-coated TenCate poly tent fabric out, pushing the roof up to an internal height of 4.25 feet (130 cm).

Fjordsen XL uses a more traditional dual-panel folding floor. The deflated tent at panels are folded during the ride and a sturdy cover keeping everything protected and dry. A 12 V pump is used for blowing inside to inflate the tent into shape. The whole setup process takes about three minutes.

Campers will have to bring their own mattress or pads as The XL doesn’t include a built-in mattress like other RTTs. Each of the tent’s outwardly angled sides has a large window inside the outer door fabric to provide generous views and ventilation.


Fjordsen XL is as light as 132 lb (60 kg) to be carried by a large number of small vehicles. However, the buyer should always check the roof capacity for their own vehicles before you purchase. To facilitate the buyer, Fjordsen have done a solid job of listing compatible makes/models with roof dynamic weight capacities.

Fjordsen’s XL will be available in plenty of colors the collection which include StreetArt,” “Woodland” camo and retro-trippy “and  a multicolor “FlowerPower “.

The price for initial model of Fjordsen XL is €2,650 (approx. US$2,875) in the EU and £2,385 in the UK. No delivery charges are applicable for Netherlands, Germany, the UK and France. For other countries within Europe €95 and for other destinations throughout the world   €125 will be charged against delivery charges. Deliveries are scheduled to early May 2020.


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