Kip window-loaded Concept Caravan offers big Forest Views

Travelers can get back to nature with Carvans and RVs. Now nomads can get a closer look as RVs and caravans are equipped with larger and more dramatic windows. Kip has recently unveiled its head-turning concept teardrop caravans with large window on every surface even at floor.

Kip has built this caravan with collaboration of designer Karel Bodegom, the Netherlands Bureau for Tourism and Conventions (NBTC) and a number of Dutch suppliers. This concept caravan has been built with the purpose to showcase more natural views in the Netherlands.

Named as Panorama Shelter, it sits on trailer size 4.5 meter weighing 560 kg. The shelter has tall-reverse teardrop shape curving down to the tow bar but remains vertical at the rear. The Panorama Shelter features a full size rear gate instead of tailgate galley that provides entry into 6.5 ft pop-up interior.  It has windows on both sides and one window also available on up front with the ability to open the rear door. With expertise of Bodegom and glass specialist Van Ruysdael, Kip increased size and number of windows for the purpose to erase the divide the between inside and outside.

The better parts of sidewalls are taken by the left and right windows. A tall window is also get centered into the entry door and sunlight on the roof also allow the sunlight from above.

Kip’s indoor and outdoor kitchen is available for flexible cooking.


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